Covid Vaccine Clinics at Beechlawn Medical Centre….a 2nd update!!

As stated in previous posts, our ability to vaccinate our vulnerable, elderly patients is dependent entirely on vaccine supply.

As you are likely aware, supplies of the vaccine have been reduced over recent weeks and as a result, this week we were forced to postpone our plans to provide the 1st dose to many of our patients between the ages of 75 and 80.

We apologise profusely if you have been affected by this postponement.

We currently have no further information with regard to supply and are thus unable to provide a definitive timeline for proceeding with our 1st dose vaccination clinics. Rest assured we will contact those whose vaccination was postponed, once we receive confirmation of adequate supply being re-instated.

We have been assured that there will be vaccine supplies to adequately cover the 2nd dose for all those who have been vaccinated to date and those individuals should attend their appointments as scheduled.

Beechlawn Medical Centre

March 18th 2021