Patience Please!!

As you may well be aware, General Practice in Ireland is coming under increasing workload pressure and the provision of care to our patients and the wider community  is becoming more and more difficult.

Currently we are offering Covid 19 booster doses to our over 70s patients, in conjunction with providing flu vaccination clinics to both our more vulnerable patients and to children. As these clinics proceed we are also endeavouring to provide ‘usual service’ to help with those with both acute illness and more long-term health issues, all in the spectre of rising covid 19 (amongst other respiratory pathogens) infection rates. This can lead to unfortunate and frustrating increased wait times and increasing demands on phone lines.

In light of this, we ask you to please be patient and understanding when dealing with our admin team during this incredibly difficult and busy period. We would be unable to provide any of the services mentioned above without their hard work and wonderful dedication and support. Whilst we do of course acknowledge that everyone is currently experiencing heightened levels of stress and worry, and that times of illness can worsen this, we will not tolerate abusive or rude interactions with our staff.

Thanks in advance for your understanding


Beechlawn Medical Centre

23rd November 2021